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May 27, 2021

This episode is a part of a special expert takeover series where artists, Gallerists, curators and other industry experts guest host a special episode & share some actionable tips, personal experiences and valuable learnings with you.


I hope you enjoy this episode and share with others.

In this Special Podcast Takeover, Artist and Guest Host Lizzy Taber takes over the Arts to Hearts Podcast talks about artist residencies and so much more:

* Lizzy is a an abstract artist based in South Florida with an experience of six artist residencies 
* She explains what artist residencies work, the details, and how they function
* Lizzy talks about how competitive residencies are, how much money they cost or give you, and the accommodations
* She gives tips about planning a residency, how to approach the process and how to take your shot!
*Lizzy shares her essentials and what she carries to her residencies, what to take and what intentions to go with
* Understand what you want to create, and then look at how you can create that during your residency. This may include getting in touch with artists you’ll meet during your time, meeting people where the residency is hosted, and jotting things ahead of time.
* Additionally, she talks about networking during residencies and how that helps you grow your practice
* She weighs the pros and cons about going for a residency and how to manage to take ‘break’ from your regular life

Join Lizzy as she shares her tips and tricks of getting all the residencies you want to get into!

Find Lizzy & her projects on:
Instagram: @lizzytaber_

Keep In Touch With Us at Arts To Hearts Project! @artstoheartsproject